The best Lucid Dreaming aid

Is not B-vitamins, tried that many times

Is not Salvia divinorum

Is not Ilex Guayusa

Is not Dreamherb

but is not putting anything in your body

and also binaural beats if you are having bad luck, they really help and make mine much clearer

get 5x more success with those

fasting always helps too! makes you closer to spirit

Theta binaural beats @ youtube:

I have had success maybe 5-10 times with this one, flew through the roof and saw my building from outside, flew over the small roads with people beneath, flew all around the city and country and visited people I knew, met other people who flied in the air too (my bro)

so really increased lucidity

I never had any luck with b-vitamins not even in high doses… or bananas that many recommend.

Natural is best. Also tried all lucid herbs mentioned above without luck (except for Salvia, gave me 3 LDs in 3 night – too much, and too wild dreams… not very controlable I think was thrown from one dream to another)


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