My best lucid dreaming method (works 8/10 times!)


PRE-REQS: dream journal beside the bed/laptop to write down as soon as you wake up

you should write down BEFORE you open your eyes or in same second as opening your eyes

or the dream is gone!!

The dream disappears within 5 seconds from waking up

It is very important to have dream journal if you want to LD, you should remember at least 1 dream every night every week.

When you can do that your chances for a LD will be 10x higher, probably 10x more LDs than usual!!


1. binaural beats (if there is not 100% silent in the room where you sleep)
2. lay on back always, LDs don’t work when sleeping on the side

3. lay still and let body fall asleep while you focus on a point in the room, don’t move

4. try to feel a leg after maybe 10mins (in your mind, move it 1mm in the mind/physical very carefully), whole body gets heavy and falls asleep
5. you can feel legs and hands being paralyzed, you can hardly move them, very heavy
=> you are very close to a LD

6. strange sounds can happen, you are now on the boder of a LD

strange scenes in your head can happen, i.e. you walking around somewhere, let you float with the scenery

this is how I do everytime, works very good for me
Do dream recall frequently too, read from your dream journal every week

try to recognize patterns, write them down, see what they have in common

makes it easier to LD in the future


That it takes easily 30-45mins to reach a LD in this way

It is important for me to realize this, if I know this I give myself good time!
Then it almost always happens … takes 45mins laying on back to get into a LD


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