LSD, the feared drug – Ross Ulbricht (Silkroad), prison for life

People find themselves from LSD almost daily; the sellers of LSD go to jail for life

I respect what Ross Ulbricht didn’t/did do, Silkroad was the work of a hero not a criminal.Opposing the state is never accepted.

It has changed the lives of many people. There is a reason for this> freedom of choice.

We live in a state&world where we got very little choices / freedom in own house and of own body.

Some of the things that were sold on Silkroad were of divine help to many people, and it wasn’t just about drugs either, it was a market place.

No words can describe.. infinite love every day since, found my true self due to SR, might not had otherwise, had lost my soul for 16 years almost fully

Some drugs can be good and can heal the psyche, like LSD it will let us know just how much we are as human beings

No words can describe, truly the most humbling experience in my life and every day since

I have since come to find out many people have taken LSD:

Richard Feynmann (famous nobel price physicist)

Steve Jobs

Timothy Leary

Ram Dass (spiritual guru)

Deepak Chopra (spiritual guru)

and many more

Very very humbling, it opened my eyes, I can never view the world the same as before

A very good thing, I would recommend LSD to anybody feeling sad/depressed – as long as they are not the type of person being afraid / with lots of problems in life

If you feel in control of your mind it can help you like it did to me

I feel like a child again, the world is a miracle, nature is a miracle each day since

Divine love each day for 3 years now, every day.

Respect to the sellers of LSD on Silkroad

for selling a drug that can give life in prison, for a greater purpose

for a cheap price

to help people, because it was sold to help not to destroy

A picture of what LSD looks like (taken from google images, not mine)
what lsd blotter looks like, silkroad
[ Click for larger picture ]

Seems clearly other people are inspired to print buddhist pictures / meditating monks on the LSD. It has changed many lives for the better.

Have since come to find out that my rebirth experience with LSD is not unique, has happened to many people. Truly a divine molecule here to help mankind.
I don’t believe it was an accident that Albert Hofmann invented it either, must have been God/divine help helping him to create it.

Miracles happen in weird ways, LSD truly was one of the biggest miracles in my life.
Other miracles are feeling god every day since in my life, seeing every living creature and nature as sacred again, and my own body as sacred and divine now.

Being so inspired I feel I have to help others, not by giving them LSD, but by helping them to overcome their negative thoughts, to remember themselves, the perfect soul they really are!

We are all one
All one of the divine creator
All of the same source, infinite timeless eternal love

We must live this truth, LSD taught me this. Accept and appreciate.