Live for God

accept gods love
live for the love
spread the love

and if you don’t believe in god,
accept the love

I pray to holy spirit to help others through me, usually helps. It is a good prayer, brings much love.

My religion is buddhism,shamanism partly,christianity , but does religion really matter? – no
only that matters is loving the god in all, your neighbor as yourself, the god in all living creatures.
respecting every living creature as yourself, even though it might not have the same belief as you

black and white
democrat and republic
worker and non worker
healthy and ill people
christian and atheist
shamanic and christian

etc 🙂
stop making walls in our minds towards other people and other religions.
other religions are not always the devil, the devil is in our own mind too.
the devil is only if a religion leads to destruction of the individual and people around the person.

advice other people to do good things and live healthy
in a humble manner.

because they are yourself.


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